2015 league cup finals

If you’re a soccer (football) fan you probably heard that Chelsea FC beat Tottenham Hotspur FC 2-0 this weekend to win the League Cup Finals. As a fan of Chelsea I wanted to see what the championship merch looked like. I did a few Google searches to look up product. Chelsea was definitely active on the PPC front. Then my wild curiosity led me to see if Tottenham was active on AdWords too. They are. A new game in my head started. Let’s see who is running a better PPC campaign just by basic, first impressions. I didn’t even research Shopping campaigns.

Who will win the 2015 PPC League Cup Finals? Let the game begin!

First Half: First Impressions

Chelsea FC is running the same PPC ad for a variety of searches. I tested this on multiple browsers logged in to different Google accounts from a variety of devices. This exact ad showed up for many search terms such as “chelsea store,” “chelsea merchandise,” “chelsea shop,” etc.

chelsea fc ppc ad

The headline is almost a duplication. This is Google’s discretion to show the URL because Chelsea is not using an extended headline. I also saw the same, basic sitelink extensions and ad message for every search. No variation whatsoever. Now here’s Tottenham’s ad that appeared when searching for “store” search terms like I did with Chelsea.

tottenham store ppc

Goal Tottenham! I see great ad extensions in the ad. These include callout extensions, Google+ extension, sitelink extensions, and an odd location extension. The reason I feel this location extension is odd is that I live and am searching from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve never seen an ad extension far from my searching location, and this one is overseas! Still, it helps the ad stand out more. Now Tottenham’s ad also has the URL in the headline, but since their headline doesn’t match the URL it gives the user something different. So the clear winner here is Tottenham.

Score: 1-0 Tottenham

First Half Extra Time: Categorical Searches

Taking it one step further, I wanted to see how each team showed up for more specific search terms. Here’s the Chelsea result I got when searching for “chelsea mens jersey.”

chelsea fc search results

Does Chelsea’s ad look familiar? That’s because it’s the same ad we first saw! When I typed in many other types of product category searches, I got the same ad. Every…single…time. Not good blue. Let’s see what Tottenham showed when I searched for “tottenham mens jersey.”

tottenham fc search results

Tottenham is doing an okay job here. They’ve at least broken out new ads for men, but the ads only talk about men’s clothing and not men’s jerseys like the ad in first position. In relation to my search query, it’s still not a good ad. However, Tottenham is doing a better job than Chelsea in terms of first impression. Another goal for Tottenham.

First half score: 2-0 Tottenham

Second Half: Landing Page Experience

Keeping with the momentum from the first half, we’re rolling with Tottenham and their same ad when looking for a men’s jersey. Here’s the landing page that ad sent me to.

tottenham men's shop

Now  remember, the ad was for men’s clothing and not men’s jerseys. So when taking that into consideration, this landing page is terrible. This is not the men’s page on the site. This is the home page. So instead of showing me a page of men’s jerseys, I’m getting a page that includes polos, women’s clothing, and even a mug. Yellow Card has been issued to Tottenham.

Chelsea is off to a bad start. Can they make a comeback? Here’s their landing page experience on their men’s jersey ad.

chelsea fc store landing page

This landing page is also the home page for the store, but design elements of the page give it a better experience than expected. Most likely due to design coincidence, we see two players wearing jerseys. We also see on the right hand side of the page, four different jerseys you can view. This landing page is not a page dedicated to just about men’s jerseys, but it’s not awful. Goal Chelsea! You got lucky Pensioners. Tapped one in.

Score: 2-1 Tottenham

Second Half Extra Time: Mobile Landing Page Experience

I can assume that many people were watching the game from a soccer bar. When a team wins a big event, I know fans are going to be looking to get some championship merch right away. So how do Chelsea and Tottenham’s websites hold up on mobile phones? First up, Chelsea.

chelsea mobile landing page

It’s pretty much the same landing page we got for the men’s jerseys search query except for the side image banners we originally saw. Can you read the left hand navigation menu? Nope. You have to constantly pinch zoom in and zoom out to read the navigation. No penalty for Chelsea, but no goal either. Here’s Tottenham’s mobile experience.

tottenham mobile landing page

It’s not a responsive designed site but a mobile website. Either way, this site delivers a great mobile experience. I can easily see categorical breakout. This design allows Tottenham to add branding or sales banners to the top as well as a clean top navigation that showcases menu options and the shopping cart. Clean and easy. Goal! Tottenham with the dagger!

Final score: 3-1 Tottenham

In this brief, non-scientific experiment I would assume Tottenham has a better performing AdWords campaign for key metrics like CTR, conversion rate and CPA. All assumptions here based on my personal experiences with other ecommerce clients. It was fun digging in to this. What positives or negatives do you see from these examples that I might have missed? Leave your comments below.