By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 8/8/2013


You may have downloaded the new Google Maps update for your phone.  If you have used the app since downloading it you may have seen ads coming up when performing your typical location searches.  This isn’t entirely shocking considering Google announced ads on the new Google Maps back in May.

What Are Some Benefits from the Change?
Free click actions!  You know your clients will love to hear that word.  Free is a great thing to tell clients, especially small businesses who can be positively affected by these new updates.  The free click features include sharing the business info with a friend, saving the business info for a later time, and even starting the navigation to the advertiser’s location.  Another added bonus is that an advertiser will only get charged for two clicks maximum per impression.  Additional reporting in AdWords will show you statistics on the new features.

How Can I Set This Up for My Clients?
Simple two step checklist.  First make sure your campaigns are set to show on mobile devices and Google’s search partners.  Second step is making sure you have location extensions in for the ads you want to appear on Google Maps.

That’s it.  Go optimize your local accounts and literally “drive” more business to your door.