With several of my clients, I see many search queries come through that doesn’t make sense for the business or any of my campaigns. The larger the account, the more of a pain it is to apply the same list of negative keywords to every campaign. While AdWords Editor might make the implementation easier, it makes your account size larger. This means loading your account in Editor will start to take longer and longer. Luckily there is a way to implement AdWords account level negative keywords, and this blog will show you how.

Go into Your Shared Library

saved library adwords

On the left-hand side of AdWords, click on “Shared library.” You’re most likely familiar with this location as the place to go to create remarketing lists, custom audiences and business data feeds. When you’re in the Shared Library, choose “Campaign negative keywords.”

campaign negative keywords shared library

Create a New Negative Keyword List

campaign negative keyword new list

Click on the red “LIST” button to create your first account level negative keyword list. Just like you manually enter negative keywords in the Keywords tab, you’ll have to enter one negative keyword per line. Make sure your match types are typed out as well if you’re not copying and pasting a large list.

adwords account level negative keywords

After you click save, you’ll be taken back to the main section of the Campaign negative keywords page.

Add All Campaigns to Your Account Level List

Click on your newly created account level negative keyword list. Then click on the “Apply to campaigns” button below your keyword list to have AdWords pull up all of your campaigns.

add campaigns to account level negative keyword list

 Bring over all the campaigns you want to have applied to your account level negative list and remember to hit save.

selected campaigns negative keywords

And you’re done. You can keep adding new keywords to your account level list and they will be applied to all the campaigns you shared the list with. It’s very important to know that as you add new campaigns, you’ll have to manually share them with your account level negative keyword list every time. Save some time by not having to copy and paste the same keywords over and over. You’ll also see how much faster your account loads in AdWords Editor once you remove all the duplicated keywords.