By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 6/6/2013

Google keeps rolling out improvements, and this one really makes me smile.  Google looks to be adding images to the mix of already valuable ad extensions to help advertisers increase their CTR. Take a look.


Coming from a PPC’er who works mostly with B2B, industrial companies…this is a huge asset.  We deal with clients who are working with keywords that can easily be associated with common, household items.  Yes we take plenty of time to add negative keywords on a regular basis and make our ad text as specific as possible, but you’ll always get a percentage of users who MAYBE glimpse at the ad.  A picture is work a thousand words right?  Well maybe a thousand bucks in this case.  I’d love to have my clients be able to showcase their products to avoid any confusion whatsoever on what we’re actually trying to promote.

Now comes the bad news…it’s only in beta testing.  And you must fill out this form to apply.  I did immediately…still waiting to hear back.