By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 12/17/2013

Late last week, I added the Google Plus social extensions to one of my clients after they got their page verified and linked to their website. In the past social extensions could sometimes take a couple days to verify that your AdWords account is linked to the proper Google Plus page. It was very typical if you saw the image below.


Well a whole week went by and my extension still wasn’t verified so I gave good ‘ole Google support a call. I asked how come my extension wasn’t verified yet. The guy on the phone, who didn’t have to put me on hold to look up the answer for once, told me that the social extensions are going away. They are defaulting to social annotations. Social annotations work pretty much the way they did as social extensions, but you don’t have to do anything physically in AdWords.

Here are the steps need to make sure your AdWords social annotations can appear.

  1. Link your Google Plus page to your website. I’ve always found it to be extremely easy to do through Webmaster Tools.
  2. Make sure the verified domain in Google Plus matches the URLs in your AdWords ads – not rocket science.
  3. The harder part – Your company must have a good follower base (around 100 or more) and you must post regularly and be active on Google Plus. 

That’s it. Pretty simple. Less work to do in AdWords itself so get those Google Plus pages up, running and verified!