By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 5/30/2013

It’s not the endless amount of puns that Bing uses that irks me (Bing it On, Scroogled, etc.) it’s the blatant boasting of the better search engine.  I’m still waiting for them to give me a real reason to believe them.  Let’s take a look at my recent test I did on the ads.  And before anyone gives me too much grief on what I consider testing, I understand this isn’t fully scientific with 400 different scenarios.  Take it for what it is.

bing1I tested the term bookshelf initially, chose my preference of which results I preferred, then chose DRAW for my last four options to see what the result of just the bookshelf search was.

bing2Winner winner chicken dinner.  I should be using Bing apparently, but something didn’t sit well with me.  That’s when I wanted to double check what Google actually showed me when I did a search for the term “bookshelf.”  My stand alone Google search was done Incognito, and I wasn’t logged in to any account.

bing3Now Bing states at the bottom of the page that it has removed ads from their test and has put all search results in an unbiased pane.  The image to the left shows shopping results for Google when I typed in “bookshelf.”  I didn’t get that when doing the Bing it On test.  That’s where I’m calling this whole campaign flawed.  I understand that Bing boasts not having cost be a determining factor in the Shopping rankings.  But who cares?  Ask any normal user, not in the Internet Marketing industry, if they care if results are paid or not.  It’s fair to assume that a user wants the best results to their search query…it doesn’t matter how the search engine displays it.  Paid or not…show me full page results Bing before you brag that people prefer it.

bing4Take everything with a grain of salt.  I’m not saying Bing is a garbage search engine.  I’m also not saying that Google never deceives their users.  I’m not saying Google will be king forever.  The point I want to make is that the numbers still don’t lie.  Google is still the preferred brand, and Bing will have to do more than this to prove their worth.  And if you see my full results to the left, it’s still my preferred search engine.