Where to Find Bing Ads Search Partners

Why is it more difficult to find the Bing Ads search partners within the interface? Google makes it a lot easier. In Google AdWords, we are used to having the Search partners found in the campaign settings. Adjusting the networks for your campaign is one of the first settings you can optimize for any […]

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How to Set Up YouTube Shopping Campaigns

While TrueView ads are typically known for building awareness, ecommerce sites also have the opportunity to make a little money off of this brand awareness. Back in May of 2015, Google AdWords announced TrueView for shopping. Video advertisers now have the opportunity to showcase products from their shopping feeds alongside related videos a user […]

Relaying Trust from Ad to Landing Page

As a PPC marketer, I’m always trying to better understand my clients’ users. Who is their target audience? What problems do they have, and how can we solve them? When I started embracing this mindset, my copy writing changed from keyword-focused to writing for the user. I now try to figure out how to […]

Favorite PC Shortkeys When Writing Ad Copy

When writing ads, I’m all about saving time. When wanting to put an acceptable symbol into my ads to make them stand out, I always hated having to Google the symbol I want before copying and pasting that symbol into my ad. This post lists all the symbols I have used in my ads […]

Pandora Advertising Requirements

I have a couple of clients in the music industry who asked me if I’ve ever advertised on Pandora before. With 85 million active monthly users in the United States, it was a good idea. I told them I never have, but a coworker on mine has done some research on the platform before. […]

AdWords Account Level Negative Keywords

With several of my clients, I see many search queries come through that doesn’t make sense for the business or any of my campaigns. The larger the account, the more of a pain it is to apply the same list of negative keywords to every campaign. While AdWords Editor might make the implementation easier, […]

Set Up Cross Device Conversions in AdWords

In October, 2015, Google added the ability to add cross device conversions in your conversion columns in AdWords. If you’re not familiar with cross device conversions, I’ll explain. One example would be a shopper clicking on your ad from their mobile phone, then later going on a desktop or tablet to make the conversion. These […]

How to Convert Broad Match Keywords to Modified Broad in AdWords Editor

Stop copying and pasting the + sign before every word in your keyword. I’m going to make this quick guide real simple (only two steps!) so you can go back to optimizing your campaigns and save time in the future. Just follow these few steps and you’ll have your broad keywords converted to modified […]

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How Video Can Be an Important Part to Your PPC Strategy

I’m going to start this blog off with a two question quiz. Let’s see how you do.

Q1: Name the largest search engine in the world.
A1: Did you say Google? Great! You’re correct. Now on to the second question.

Q2: Name the second largest search engine in the world.
A2: No, it’s not Bing. Yahoo is not […]

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Proving ROI for B2B PPC Campaigns

With ecommerce PPC campaigns, it’s easy to see the direct ROI your work is earning. You get the revenue data in Google Analytics if ecommerce tracking is set up properly. With B2B PPC campaigns, it’s more tricky without revenue data. You have to work a little harder to prove ROI to your clients. There […]