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July 2014

When most people think of remarketing, they think of ads that follow people around on other websites via a cookie. I still experience that businesses don’t use or even know about search remarketing. Search remarketing uses the same tracking code and audience builder that traditional remarketing does. The difference is that search remarketing uses keyword targeting. And that cookied user who left your site has to type in a search query into Google that triggers your target keywords to show your ads.

I implemented the search remarketing campaign for House of Harley-Davidson in early May 2014 with the following background research and implementation.

  • There are many other places online where you can buy Harley-Davidson apparel, so it makes sense that users would want to comparative shop. That is the first reason why I wanted to implement more in-depth remarketing efforts to get that user back.
  • I researched ad groups that had high CTRs, but lower conversion rates. This told me that our initial ads were targeting a relevant user, but we were losing them the first time around.
  • The search remarketing ad groups were very tight-focused to make sure every keyword targeted for remarketing was shown in our ad text. (This is something that I do for all search campaigns, but wanted to stress the importance of the tighter targeting again).
  • Last, negative remarketing was put in place to make sure our remarketing ads were not being shown to anyone who has bought something on the site during the past 30 days.

Results 60 Days After Launch

  • Average display network remarketing has an average CTR of 0.10%. Average search network CTR is 1.00%. After I implemented search remarketing for House of Harley-Davidson, the campaign had a 10.89% CTR. This is 192.74% higher than the site average.
  • At the time of this case study House’s search remarketing campaign was in the top 10 for revenue driving campaigns.
  • House of Harley-Davidson’s search remarketing campaign is over 5.00% of the site’s assisted conversion revenue. That is an accomplishment due to the amount of assisted traffic their branded and Shopping campaigns receive.
  • Search remarketing focuses on a very targeted, very relevant audience. This campaign has turned out to be a great revenue driver for House of Harley-Davidson at a low cost. They don’t have to spend a lot on this campaign to get fantastic results. ROI on this campaign was at 270.02% sixty days after launch.