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Jan. 2014

I was already working with Trek on a brand awareness campaign for their new line of 650b bicycles. We already had campaigns set up targeting their brand name as well as the two lines of 650b bikes that they offer; Remedy and Slash.

The campaigns were working fine. Getting a decent response from the impression share we were generating. My next recommendation to Trek was to add every ad extension as possible to work on increasing our ad rank. The reason for this is that in October of 2013, Google directly stated that ad extensions have a direct effect on your ad rank. I then worked on getting site extensions, call extensions, social extensions (when advertisers still had control over it) and review extensions. The result changed the appearance from our ads dramatically to what you see below.

trek bikes ppc ad

My last change was to make sure the first description line had a period at the end of the sentence. This allowed for us to get the extended ad title you see in the image. From there it was easy to conclude that this gave us more space for Google to show our ad extensions.

Results One Month After

  • The Remedy ad campaign saw a CTR increase of 28.44%
  • The Slash ad campaign saw a CTR increase of 58.32%