By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 4/22/13

Yesterday, I took the Display Advertising Advanced Exam that Google offers.  Many of the clients I work with are actively on the Display Network, but to be brutally honest I previously haven’t had the time to take the exam.

Opposed to what I’ve read on numerous blogs about the exam, it’s not as hard as others make it seem.  Maybe that’s because I am actively working with Contextual Targeting, Remarketing and YouTube marketing. Google still gave me 120 minutes for this exam, but it was only 103 questions.

I’d assume that Google swaps out questions for each exam taker to prevent cheating (can’t confirm this!) but the majority of my questions were YouTube focused.  There were very few questions on enhanced campaigns.  I also didn’t have many questions on reporting in the Display Network.  Other questions I did have a handful on were what you can and cannot do in regards to display ads…more in regards to best practices so be familiar with those.

Want tips to study for this exam?

  • My first piece of advice would be one word…practice!  The experience I have working on active accounts is something that Google’s study guides cannot offer.  There were a few questions on the exam asking where can you find certain features. These can be real easy if you navigate through AdWords on a consistent basis.
  • That in mind, the other huge chunk of what you need to know is in those study guides.  One thing to note is that those study guides are out of date so expect some questions on the exam to be out of date as well.
  • Last, watch out for curveballs!  The test format is mostly multiple choice.  Google likes to have multiple answers that appear exactly the same, but one says “Search Network” instead of “Display Network.”  Be sure to read all of the answers thoroughly so you don’t assume the correct one is the first that you see.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the Display Advertising Exam!