By: Joseph Martinez

Originally Posted: 3/5/2014

I am a Google Marketing tools fan. I will not deny that. However, I do believe that any product can be improved. Giving the argument that tools like Google Analytics are free and I shouldn’t complain isn’t valid in my eyes. If I’m using these tools to boost my client’s performance, they will most likely spend more money on PPC ads, thus giving Google more money too. If they can help me do my job better, then everyone benefits.

So here’s my Google marketing wishlist. Please keep in mind this isn’t to complain, but to put my voice out there on what I’d personally like to see.

Ranges within Analytics Annotations

I deal with several eCommerce clients. Most of these clients have sales and promotions that I like to track and report on since I spend time creating new ad copy, add new keywords, etc. One of my clients had a short, weekend sale this year (Seen in the image below on Feb. 6-9th). To be able to keep track of when that sale began and ended, I had to create separate annotations in Google Analytics. What I would like to see is the ability to create a range where I can keep track of all my notes about that sales in one place in Google Analytics. Then to make this easier to see visually, there could be a colored bar connecting the beginning and end of the annotations to show me the range so I can correlate it with whichever metric I’m looking at.


A Google AdWords Undo Button That’s Helpful

In December of 2013, Google announced that there would be an undo feature available in the change history in AdWords. The fact that you only have 30 days to undo a change to your account didn’t bother me. What made me chuckle at the undo button was that it wouldn’t save me any time for the bigger, more time-consuming mistakes I might make. Take a look at the image below…


You can see that the undo button is next to items in the change history about CPC changes, status changes and keyword changes. While I acknowledge that it’s nice to have all of these possible undo options visible on one page, it’s still real easy for me to make those changes in the actual campaigns.

What I wish I could quickly undo are the tasks that take more time, like changing ad text. I know that once I change an ad, the old one is deleted and a new one is created. So maybe if the undo options was possible for ad changes it could delete the ad I want to remove and then give me another new ad that is exactly like the one I originally changed. There have been a few times where I accidentally changed the wrong ad or misspelled a word. The ability to fix those mistakes in a quicker time frame would be more beneficial to me. Even something as simple as assigning a label cannot be changed with the undo button. So this feature definitely needs some work. One can easily assume that the undo button will be upgraded or enhanced in the future. Until that happens though, it currently doesn’t serve me a huge benefit.

Ability to Create an MCC in AdWords with an Existing Email Address

This one is very minor, but I’m adding it because I come across this issue several times a year. I work with B2B companies that have different URLs for different divisions of the business. Each division sells unique product. Usually there is already an AdWords account up and running, but the client wants to create new AdWords accounts for the remaining divisions of the business. They always want to, and I don’t blame them, use the login they already have for their MCC because it’s clean. For example, “” I completely understand and agree with the frustration that they have to create separate Google accounts for the MCC. It’s crazy and absolutely unnecessary.

Why is this crazy? Think of Google + Business. When I wanted to create my business page to separate my career oriented posts from personal ones, I didn’t have to create another login. I can still own my business Google Plus page AND my personal Google Plus page all under one Google account. The format of one login is much easier to the user and saves a lot of time in regards to set up.

I Have More…

…but that’s all for now. More will come in a future post. What changes would you like to see Google make to help you manage clients better? Tell me about your Google marketing wishlist in the comments below.