Originally Posted: 12/30/2013

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from search engine marketing is that you can always be one step ahead, but it doesn’t take long for the rest of the pack to catch up. Becoming a Google Trusted Store is a necessary step for all ecom sites to get that extra edge and stand out from the other competition.

example of google shopping results

Above you’ll see the PLA listings for a generic search query of “grill covers.” The first thing that can catch a user’s eye is the Google-esque looking checkmark next to the ad’s brand name. Those PLA ads are part of the Google Trusted Stores program. When clicking on the first ad I saw (sorry The Cover Store for the cost), I’m taken to a great landing page that has the exact product visible and easy to purchase. What really stands out is a logo at the bottom, right corner of the webpage that let’s the user know this is a Google Trusted Store. No matter how far down the page you scroll, the logo follows you and stays on the page the entire time.



Now if you click on the logo, you can see the statistics for that company such as…

  1. Customer service results
  2. Shipping performance stats
  3. Return policy information
  4. How much protection dollars are offered by Google

These can really help sway a user’s decision if they’re on the fence about buying from a certain store. It’s pretty much like the eBay effect in looking at a seller’s ratings except Google takes it many steps further and requires the store to provide them with a lot of information.

Now the bad news. As of right now, this feature won’t work for every single ecom store out there.  There are some pretty heavy minimum requirements that really only pertain to bigger ecom stores. Your store must have at least 200 orders a month based on a 28 day basis, over half of your orders must be trackable by UPS, FedEx or USPS, over 90% of your orders must be shipped on time and you must have consistent customer service and satisfaction ratings.  The last two requirements are not that hard to achieve if you run a reputable store. The hard part is if you’re a smaller store that either doesn’t have the volume requirements or don’t have the proper systems in place to give Google the tracking information then you might be left in the dust.

I’m not going to tell you how to set up Google Trusted Stores for your ecom site. That’s easy enough to find. The next time you perform a product search, see the extra wow factor these store certifications can provide when you see them on PLA ads. If you have an ecom store, try and get this as soon as possible to stand out above the rest…before it’s easier to catch up.