While TrueView ads are typically known for building awareness, ecommerce sites also have the opportunity to make a little money off of this brand awareness. Back in May of 2015, Google AdWords announced TrueView for shopping. Video advertisers now have the opportunity to showcase products from their shopping feeds alongside related videos a user is watching on YouTube. Not only can users see related products, but they can purchase them just like they can on Google search. If you want to know how to set this up for your YouTube ads, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you how you can set up YouTube shopping campaigns for your account.

1. Select the Option to Create a New Video Campaign

While Shopping is a part of the campaign, the basic structure of the campaign is almost exactly like a Video campaign set up. Not much else to say here so let’s move on to step two.

select youtube campaign in adwords

2. Select the Proper Campaign Subtype

After you’ve named your campaign, make sure to select the Shopping option instead of Standard and Mobile app installs. This also is the time to make sure your Google Merchant Center account is linked to AdWords. If you’re already running shopping campaigns, you should be fine as the merchant ID will already show up in the campaign settings.

shopping option in video campaigns

3. Choose Your Products

Even though you select the YouTube video you want to use in the ad later on, AdWords has you select your products pretty early in the set up. Hopefully you have video content specific to certain product types or categories. If so, this step will be a lot easier. If not, you’ll have to manually search for the products or create custom filters to help find which ones you’re looking to use.

youtube shopping select product

Note that you only get to pick a maximum of ten products. That’s why running product ads on generic videos can be risky since you have no idea what products the users are interested in buying. Truly invest in some videos promoting specific product sets. This will allow campaign creation and success to be a lot easier than playing the guessing game.

4. Finish Setting Up a Video Campaign Like You Normally Would

That’s pretty much it. After your products are picked out, you finish the same steps of creating a TrueView video campaign. Choose your video, preview image, video targets, etc. Also make sure to add any ad overlays to have another way sending users to your site.

youtube shopping ad preview

It could take a couple of days for your products to populate within the campaign. But soon you’ll begin to showcase your products on your YouTube videos. Take advantage of an ad format a lot of advertisers aren’t using. Also consider specific placements, such as competitor video and channel targets, to really capitalize on building your brand to a relevant audience. If you have any questions or comments about the set up, leave a comment below.