pandora advertising

I have a couple of clients in the music industry who asked me if I’ve ever advertised on Pandora before. With 85 million active monthly users in the United States, it was a good idea. I told them I never have, but a coworker on mine has done some research on the platform before. They were curious on the requirements, but didn’t want to contact their sales team for simple answers. If you’re in the same boat, this blog will give you an idea of what you need to get the simplest campaign set up on Pandora advertising.

Mandatory Requirements for Pandora Advertising

Pandora is pretty strict on the basic requirements advertisers need to advertise on the internet radio platform. These requirements are set in stone. If you think they’ll take exceptions, you’re wrong.

  • Must be willing to commit at least $5,000 for the initial test.
  • Have to provide Pandora with your target DMA.
  • Aim to saturate 5-15% of your target market. In other words, your targeting can’t be too specific for your desired DMA.

Targeting Options and Settings

  • Pandora advertising lets you target by industry, age range, title/role and a variety of other information. I never got the full range or where they get their data from.
  • They don’t run on a typical PPC Display campaign model. There isn’t a set budget that you work against and get charged each time someone listens to your commercial. Instead, Pandora has advertisers run “campaigns” that run for a specific duration (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.), and a budget is estimated based on targeting.
  • Pandora provides radio ad creation for free. They have ad-lib style templates and let you customize everything from background music, gender of voice talent, “tone” of ad (e.g. goofy, standard, call to action focused).
  • Display ads that appear during the radio spot have to be provided by the advertiser.

Final Point

If you have a small budget and/or like to create hyper-targeted campaigns then Pandora advertising might not be the best fit for you. To be honest, there are more targeting options available then I can report on. Think what’s best for your business. If $5,000 is nothing in your marketing budgets, and you feel radio is a good placement for ads, then contact Pandora to get started.

Author Note: Information for this post was provided by Steve Kroll.