If a search engine marketer tells you that their job is only to drive traffic, than they are doing you a disservice. The whole point of driving more traffic is to get these new users to convert. On my accounts, I focus just as much of my efforts to try and improve conversion rates as I do optimizing my search marketing efforts. Why? Because if the pages I’m sending users to won’t convert, then all of my efforts poured into search engine marketing are almost worthless.

Bryan Eisenberg had a quote in one of his presentations I saw that changed the way I looked at my job. “Don’t write an ad that your landing page can’t cash.” So simple. So true. It takes a little research to test how your target audience wants to use your site. Then it takes educated recommendations to make changes that will make that target audience engage and convert. Once you have a solid conversion rate, you will see your overall search performance metrics improve as well.

Need more info? Here is a case study on a client I worked with to focus purely on convertion rate improvement.

Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

  • JF Ahern – Simple landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization increase goal completions and goal conversion rates by not focusing on typical SEO tactics.

Also, click on the image below to read a blog I’ve written on how I’ve improved PPC performance by not touching AdWords at all.

ppc ad message

Blog I wrote on CRO and LPO improvements

If you want help on improving the amount of conversions you get on your site with the traffic you already have contact me!

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