The tag needed to remarket to your site visitors on Twitter is still a baby. The conversion tracking code for Twitter was introduced in June of 2014, and it’s crazy how many marketers are still not using this form of PPC. For almost all of my clients, remarketing is one of the cheapest cost per conversion channels. So if your audience is on Twitter, and know remarketing works for your current search engine campaigns, then use this guide to set up Twitter remarketing to reach out to your audience through another channel.

1. Sign up for Twitter Ads

I know it’s silly to mention this, but it’s still a necessary step. Go to Twitter Ads and sign up for an account using your desired username. To see the next step, you must have all of your information filled out. This means your credit card information too.

2. Create a New Website Tag in Twitter Ads

twitter conversion tracking location

When logged into the Twitter Ads UI, find the “Tools” menu option in the top navigation. There you can click the option to get your conversion tracking code or website tag. Next there are four steps to create the tag needed for remarketing on Twitter which is seen below.

  1. Name your tag. No more explanation needed
  2. Select which kind of conversion you want to track. Choose site visit.
  3. Make sure the “Create a tailored audience” option is checked.
  4. (Optional but highly recommended) – Confirm your conversion settings
    1. Select post-engagement attribution window. These are conversions credited to your campaign if a user has direct interaction with your ads.
    2. Select post-view attribution window. These are conversions credited to your campaign if a user has only seen your ad and has never interacted with it.

twitter website tag setup

3. Add Twitter’s Conversion Tracking Tag to Your Site

Take the generated HTML code that Twitter shows you and add it to every page of your site just before the </body> tag. Make sure you save the code in the Twitter UI.

twitter remarketing tracking code snippet

There are many ways to add this code to your site, but I highly recommend using Google Tag Manager. Tag Manager will make it so easy to apply your tracking codes to any specific pages you want.

4. Add the Remarketing Audience to Your Campaign’s Targets

When you are setting your targets in your new Twitter campaign, you’ll have the option to select Tailored Audiences. It’s really as simple as searching for the audience and checking the box to apply it to your targeting.

add tailored audiences twitter

We’re Done!

And that is it! See how simple that was? Now keep in mind this is just to get remarketing set up on the technical side. Be smart with your ads that you use for Twitter remarketing. Does the audience you create connect with the message/image you’re using in your Twitter ads? Will that message be relayed on your landing pages? These are just some things to think about, but testing ads and messaging with your target audience will help you make informed decisions to optimize your Twitter remarketing campaigns to great success.