In October, 2015, Google added the ability to add cross device conversions in your conversion columns in AdWords. If you’re not familiar with cross device conversions, I’ll explain. One example would be a shopper clicking on your ad from their mobile phone, then later going on a desktop or tablet to make the conversion. These types of conversions can now be tracked in AdWords, but they are not included by default. This post will show you how to include those conversions in your AdWords reporting.

1. Head to the Conversions Section in AdWords

conversions in adwords

2. Go into Your Conversion Settings

conversion settings adwords

3. Make Sure Your Conversion Bid Metric is Set to “Conversions”

conversion bid metric adwords

4. Check the “Include Cross-Device Conversions” Box

include cross device conversions adwords

And that’s it! The cross-device conversions will now start showing up in your conversion column. Google says that you might see up to a 16% increase in conversions from changing this setting. As the multi-screen, multi-touch point world of marketing grows, this setting change will better help you optimize your accounts to better serve your overall marketing strategy.