Why is it more difficult to find the Bing Ads search partners within the interface? Google makes it a lot easier. In Google AdWords, we are used to having the Search partners found in the campaign settings. Adjusting the networks for your campaign is one of the first settings you can optimize for any of your campaigns.

google search partners location

Bing Ads, on the other hand, makes it a little bit more difficult to find the search partners setting. If you’re stuck on where to go to update your network settings in Bing Ads, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you where to go to exclude, or include, Bing Ads search partners for all of your campaigns in both the main interface as well as Bing Ads Editor. Let’s begin!

Bing Ads Search Partners in the Interface

We saw in the first paragraph that AdWords’ network settings are held at the campaign level. The reason the same settings are harder to find in Bing Ads is not because they are located at the ad group level. It is mostly because they are buried under a random-titled menu option. When I first was looking for this setting a long time ago, it took me several minutes to find the search partners in Bing.

bing ads ad group changes

First, as seen in the image above, select the “Edit” menu from the top navigation. Then you want to select “Other changes.” From there, Bing Ads will take you to the view where you can edit your ad distribution settings for any of your campaigns.

 bing ads search partners in interface

Do not panic! You do not have to edit your Bing Ads search partner settings ad group by ad group. In your initial ad group view, you can select as many ad groups as you’d like before entering the “Other changes” view. It is an easier way to edit the distribution settings for multiple ad group. If you want an easier way to edit multiple ad groups, you can use Bing Ads Editor route which we’ll talk about next.

Bing Ads Search Partners in Editor

Bing Ads Editor is the easiest way to change your search partner settings within your ad groups. It’s completely up to you to select individual campaigns, ad groups, or choose to look at every ad group in the account. Either way, you need to make sure you select the ad groups view from the left-hand menu.

bing ads editor ad groups view

Now head to the area where you can edit your selected ad groups. In between the ad distribution and search bid menus, you’ll find the network distribution option. From there you’ll have the ability to change the network targets for whichever ad groups you have selected. Your options are found in the image below.

bing ads editor network distribution

After you have your desired networks chosen for each ad group you can post your changes to go live. That’s it! I hope you found this little guide helpful to get a better understanding of where you can go to control your search ad distribution in Bing Ads. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments below.