When writing ads, I’m all about saving time. When wanting to put an acceptable symbol into my ads to make them stand out, I always hated having to Google the symbol I want before copying and pasting that symbol into my ad. This post lists all the symbols I have used in my ads in the past as well as the corresponding shortkeys for a PC. Use these shortkeys to make your ads stand out but also make you more efficient when writing them.

Important note before continuing: When you enter the shortkey, you have to hold down the alt button then press the numbers in order. You don’t need to hold the alt and try to hit the numbers all at the same time. See below.

shortkey demo

Business Legal Protection Shortkeys

Legal protection symbols not only make your brand look more official, but sometimes your clients demand you use them at all times. Here are the main three symbols you might need to use on branded products or brand names themselves.

  • Copyright “©” – Alt + 0169
  • Trademark “™” – Alt + 0153
  • Registered “®” – Alt + 0174

Currency Shortkeys

If you have the best prices around, of course you want to show that off in your ads. Here is the list of the currency types I’ve used the most in my PPC career. If you want to see more options just let me know.

  • Cents “¢” – Alt + 155
  • Euro “€” – Alt + 0128
  • British Pound “£” – Alt + 156
  • Yen “¥” – Alt + 157
  • Frank “ƒ” – Alt + 159

Math Shortkeys

I worked with a lot of industrial clients in my past. Exact technical specs were almost always required, and we wanted to show those in our ads. These were some of the most common symbols I had to use when describing sizes or dimensions. I do admit I haven’t used some of these symbols in ads in quite some time. I can’t confirm if all of these will be approved when you submit a new ad.

  • One-Fourth “¼” – Alt + 0188
  • One-Half “½” – Alt + 0189
  • Three-Fourths “¾” – Alt + 0190
  • Degrees “°” – Alt + 248
  • Infinity “∞” – Alt + 236
  • Sum “Σ” – Alt + 228
  • Greater Than or Equal to “≥” – Alt + 242
  • Less Than or Equal to “≤” – Alt + 243


If you use symbols in your ads to make them stand out more, I hope this list of shortkeys save you a bunch of time. What other shortkeys do you use or would like to see added to this list? Let me know in the comments section below.