Stop copying and pasting the + sign before every word in your keyword. I’m going to make this quick guide real simple (only two steps!) so you can go back to optimizing your campaigns and save time in the future. Just follow these few steps and you’ll have your broad keywords converted to modified broad in no time.

Append Your Keywords

First, highlight all of your keywords, right click, then select Append text.

append text in adwords editor

Then add a + and make sure you select “Before existing text.” Then hit Append.

append text before existing text adwords editor

Replace Remaining Spaces with ” +”

Next, highlight all of your keywords again, right click, then select Replace text

replace text in adwords editor

Next we want to tell Editor to replace all spaces with a space AND a + sign.  Notice in the image below there is a space highlighted in blue. You must add a space in the “Find text” field. You can copy exactly what I have in between the quotes in the header for this section.

replace spaces in adwords editor

We’re Done!

modified broad in adwords editor

That’s it. Now all of your selected broad keywords are modified broad. I hope this saves you a lot of time in the future!