People behave differently on the internet when talking about desktop versus mobile. And as of May 2015, there are more Google searches on mobile devices than any other device. If you don’t have a separate mobile strategy for your PPC advertising, you are most likely losing out on converting a big chunk of your audience.

site looks on an ipad

Even if you have a mobile-friendly website already, it doesn’t mean you can just use the same strategy as desktop campaigns and expect the same results. It doesn’t work that way. You need someone who can assess the mobile landscape for your industry, analyze user behavior, and execute a PPC plan that will succeed on mobile. Here are just a few of the tactics I use to help my clients’ paid search campaigns succeed on mobile devices.

  • Mobile ad creation and A/B testing
  • Separate ad extensions just for mobile
  • New mobile banner ads for Display to have a message for users on the go
  • Mobile landing page assessment and optimization
  • Mobile bid adjustments
  • More…

The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss. Contact me today to make sure your PPC mobile strategy is built for long-term success.

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