Social media isn’t going anywhere. The amount of users on social platforms is growing rapidly. Here are some stats you may not know about.

  • There are 2.08 billion active social media accounts in the world. (Link Humans)
  • The average user spends 40 minutes on Facebook per day. (Hubspot)
  • Twitter is 2.4x more effective at driving smartphone sales than other ad channels. (Twitter)
  • As of September 2015, Instagram has over 400 million users and growing. (Instagram)
  • As of September 2015, Pinterest has over 100 million users and growing (Marketing Land)

I can rattle of stats forever, but you get the point. Your audience is on social media. You just need an expert to know how to find them. Stop promoting organic posts and start coming up with a true strategy for social media ads. Here is a list of just some of the campaigns you could be running if you work with me.

social media ad logos

– Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Remarketing, Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, App Installs, App Engagement, Local Awareness, Event Responses, Offer Claims, Video Views, Lead Generation

– Follower Growth, Website Traffic, Website Conversions, App Promotion, Brand Awareness, Remarketing, Conversational Ads

– Display and Text Ads, Sponsored Updates

– Promoted Pins, Brand Awareness, Buyable Pins

– Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Brand Awareness, Follower Growth, Website Conversions, App Installs, Video Views

I will help you create specific campaigns that reach various target audiences through the demographics offered by each of the social channels. I’ll also be able to create and utilize custom audiences that are not standard social media offers. Contact me to start creating campaigns that convert.

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